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Rockford Auto Tires

Car-Tires-for-Rockford-MIThe right tire for your car depends on your needs and budget. 

Here are a few helpful guidelines when choosing a tire from Bronks Auto Repair Specialists in Rockfor MI. 

When do you need new tires?

Tires are worn out when there is a 2/32 inch tread depth.
In snow conditions, traction is reduced with a 6/32 inch tread depth.
If your wear is irregular, you'll need more frequent tire replacements.

How many tires do you need?

If you need one tire, we recommend you replace it with a similar brand, or manufacturer's line, speed rating, and load capacity.
If you need two tires, replace them with ones of similar or better quality.
Replacing all four tires is the best choice; this will give you more options.

What tire size do you need?

Most people replace tires with the same size.  Check the sidewall of the tire itself. You can also find this information in the owner's manual for your vehicle.

Changing tire size can often improve the ride and performance:
  • With a smaller tire size, you may improve the ride quality and handling of your car. Replace the original equipment 155/80R-13 size with 175/70R-13. The tread is almost an inch wider and the tire has a lower sidewall - the tire's height stays the same.
  • Increasing the size of your tire has become popular. The plus size tire is the same height as the original but its sidewalls are shorter. This change improves tire response and handling.
  • Upsizing, or selecting a larger tire, is a common option for SUVs and trucks. Taller, wider tires improve performance as well as ride quality. On trucks with larger tires will improve traction and load carrying capacity.