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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

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Here is what a few customer have to say...

Joane - Grand Rapids, MI

"I bought one of Bronk's Auto's fully inspected reliable used cars. I was happy with the car and had no issues. Later, I was in an unfortunate crash and totaled my car. They gave me such a fair price that my insurance company gave me $2,000 more for the car than the price it was sold to me at!"

Mary - Rockford, MI

"I got an oil change with the free mechanical inspection. They found both tie rods loose and ready to fall off which would have caused me to lose control of my car while driving. They fixed them and possibly saved my life from a car crash!"

Jim - Grand Rapids, MI

"I found out that a tire shop had tampered with my alignment so my tires were going to ware out 5 times faster than normal. Bronk's Auto was able to spot this wrong doing with their wonderful mechanics. I was so happy I came back and bought the whole shop pizza. Thanks Bronk's Auto!"

Christopher - Rockford, MI

"They really take good care of you here. One of the only places I know that offers a free loaner if you call ahead. They've saved me lots of time when my car has needed repairs."

Dan - Rockford, MI

"They care of you. Having a loaner car saved me a ton of time. I have a foreign car which usually takes longer but they were very fast. I'll use them in the future."

Michael - Rockford, MI

"These guys in the yellow building have become my local go to place for car repairs. Their service is friendly and quick. They seem knowledgeable and charge what they say they will charge. Overall I'd say a very reputable place to go for general car diagnosis and repairs."

Paul - Rockford, MI

"Got me in same day to fix my heat. The day before Christmas Eve none the less!! Great service."

Rick - Rockford, MI

"Very friendly and quick service. Been there several times and highly recommend them."

Justin - Rockford, MI

"If you are looking for a repair shop, stop. This is the place to go hands down. I’m a veteran and I’m not big on getting handouts but after getting some extensive work done their was some other stuff that had to be done that I wouldn’t have been able to afford and when I called for an update on it they told me they had to install it as rust was preventing them from fixing another issue and he told me don’t worry about the parts and labor for that and he wanted to pay out of pocket for it as a thank you. I just have to say after 8 years of service and becoming disabled no one has ever done anything like this, to me it was mind blowing and I could not thank him enough for helping me out when I needed it. My car has never ran so good, they were extremely thorough and take pride in their work and I am sold now that this will be the only place I will go."