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Transmission Repair in Rockford MI

Transmission-repair-expertsWhen your transmission needs work, there are several types options. Each type has an advantages and disadvantages. 

The experts at Bronk's Certified Auto Repair of Rockford Michigan will go over the options with you.

To decide, you must weigh cost, quality, and timeliness of the repair. Below are the options to consider:

New Transmission

Note: a new transmission is not available from a dealer.  They are not available from any other source.  New transmissions are only used in the production of new cars and trucks. If you get a quote from a dealer, your quote is for a remanufactured transmission

Repaired Transmission

When you are getting a repaired transmission, one or more specific components are replaced or fixed.  Generally speaking, with a repair, only the component that is replaced would be warranted. You may spend quite a bit of money on a repair then have something else fail in the transmission (unrelated to the repair).  The single component repair may have an element of risk.


A rebuild requires complete disassembly and inspection.  Damaged parts or worn parts are replaced, then reassembled to factory specifications with new gaskets, seals, bands and clutches.  Other terms used when talking about rebuilt transmission are "refurbished, reconditioned or overhauled".

Rockford's Bronk's Auto Repair will walk you through the transmission rebuild keeping you informed of the progress and cost.


Used transmissions have become viable because insurance companies will often total a car from simple damage. The rest of the car may be in great shape.  A used transmission may cost hundreds less than a rebuild.  You should note, however, that a used transmission comes with less of a warranty.


A remanufactured transmission or "reman" is considered equivalent to a rebuilt transmission. There are two common practices used in remanufacturing.